Thursday, 31 January 2013

Apple vs. Samsung - Apple appeal denied

So, as I'm sure you already know, Apple's appeal against Samsung has been denied in the latest of twists to this piece of courtroom drama. I personally believe that the Galaxy Nexus shouldn't have been banned, but some of Apple's other cases were actually OK.
But what does it actually achieve? Nothing. Well, nothing apart from making a few lawyers very rich. This won't stop Samsung's market share increasing, nor will it stop Apple from making huge profits. It's just one way for Samsung and Apple to burn lots of cash.
Samsung and Apple should stop fighting each other in court. It does nothing for the customer, nothing for the shareholder, nothing for Tim Cook as a CEO. I'm sure Google has some sort of say in Samsung's involvement in patent trials.
Anyway, enough of the tech news reporting and back to irregular posting.


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